Consignment Agreement

Consignment Agreement

When you bring your items in we will select what our customers prefer to buy. Sometimes there will be items we cannot sell. Please understand that pricing and selection is at the sole discretion of Pinwheel Doylestown. If after further inspection, we find an item that is unsellable due to a hole, stain, or damage after being priced and put on the floor, the item will be automatically donated to a charity.

We will do our very best to safeguard your items, but cannot be responsible for theft, loss, fire, or damage to any item.

Consignors receive 50% of the item selling price

We will display your items for 60 days. The selling price will be FULL price for the whole 60 day period. Pinwheel Doylestown has the right to periodically have flash sales with discounts applied to merchandise on the floor.

At the end of your contract, unsold merchandise becomes the sole property of Pinwheel Doylestown and may be donated to charity. If you would like to pull any unsold items please come in during the last week of your consignment term. WE DO NOT MAKE REMINDER CALLS.

We look forward to a long and mutually profitable association with you. After all, we couldn’t do it without you our partner in consigning! I have read the above terms and agree with them.

Please Note: all monies must be picked up one year from contract end date or will be forfeited.

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